Testing Service

We help you improve your product quality and its fast performance by providing manual and automated QA services. Our services include:

Process Implementation

Manual Testing

Automated QA

Client Centric Approach

It’s important for us to get in touch with the client, since partnership and communications clarifies all the requirements and their fulfilment.
This is why we work closely with clients to improve the product or software to the level, which exceeds your and your users’ expectations.

Quality Assurance

Our goal is to be sure that your products and software work optimally. We have specialists who obtain knowledge of different types of testing: not only automation, but also unit and manual testing. We pay a great attention to automation tools and framework by updating our regressions tests every time you implement changes in your product. We use not only automated QA in order to manage fields, where it is not enough, at a high level. 

Planning and Deployment

We provide clients with full access to our QA reports, which allows you to keep informed at each stage of the process.
We use proven methods, so that our testing process does not cause any downtime of other negative effect on your product. 

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